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No Refills

A distraught patient phoned her doctor’s office. “Is it true”, the woman wanted to know, “that the medication you prescribed has to be taken for the rest of my life?” “Yes, I’m afraid so.” The doctor told her. There was a moment of silence before the woman continued, “I’m wondering, then, just how serious my… Read More »

All objects in the world

All objects in the world can be placed into one of two categories: – things that need to be fixed, – things that will need to be fixed after you’ve had a few minutes to play with them.

A communication technician

A communication technician drafted by the army was at a firing range. At the range, he was given some instruction, a rifle and 50 rounds. He fired several shots at the target. The report came from the target area that all attempts had completely missed the target. The technician looked at his weapon, and then… Read More »

A mathmatician, a physicist, and an engineer

A mathmatician, a physicist, and an engineer were all given a red rubber ball and told to find the volume. The mathmatician carefully measured the diameter and evaluated a triple integral. The physicist filled a beaker with water, put the ball in the water, and measured the total displacement. The engineer looked up the model… Read More »

What’s the difference

What’s the difference between mechanical engineers and civil engineers? Mechanical engineers build weapons. Civil engineers build targets.

The wireless telegraph

The wireless telegraph is not difficult to understand. The ordinary telegraph is like a very long cat. You pull the tail in New York, and it meows in Los Angeles. The wireless is the same, only without the cat.

During the heat

During the heat of the space race in the 1960’s, NASA decided it needed a ball point pen to write in the zero gravity confines of its space capsules. After considerable research and development, the Astronaut Pen was developed at a cost of $1 million. The pen worked and also enjoyed some modest success as… Read More »

An engineer, a mathmatician and an arts graduate

An engineer, a mathmatician and an arts graduate were given the task of finding the height of a church steeple (the first to get the correct solution wins a $1000). The engineer tried to remember things about differential pressures, but resorted to climbing the steeple and lowering a string on a plumb bob until it… Read More »

Three freshman

Three freshman engineering students were sitting around talking between classes, when one brought up the question of who designed the human body. One of the students insisted that the human body must have been designed by an electrical engineer because of the perfection of the nerves and synapses. Another disagreed, and exclaimed that it had… Read More »