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What do with the flies

There was this motel where this guy came in to rent a room. A few minutes later he comes out and tells the clerk ” Man can you give me another room the flies are awful”. Some time later this redneck comes in and the clerk says to himself,I think I”ll give the room with… Read More »

Group Photo

Q: Why is it so difficult to take a group photo of a bunch of West Virginians? A: Because everytime the photographer yells “Cheese!” they all line up!’


Artery: Study of paintings Bacteria: Backdoor to cafeteria Barium: What to do when treatment fails Bowel: Letter like A E I O or U Ceasarean Section: District in Rome Cat Scan: Searching for Kitty Cauterize: Made eye contact with her Coma: Punctuation Mark Congenital: Friendly D & C: Where Washington is Dilate: To live long… Read More »

Redneck Theft

You might be a redneck if you are working at a welfare office and are arrested for stealing food stamps.