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Just Born

A little boy, the youngest member of a large family, was taken to see his married sister’s new baby. He seemed more interested in the contents of the baby’s basket than in the baby, and after examining the pretty trifles, picked up a powder-puff. Much surprised at his discovery, and looking rather shocked, he said,… Read More »

Tough on the Senator

The Senator was back home, looking after his political fences, and asked the minister about some of his old acquaintances. “How is old Mr. Jones?” he inquired. “Will I be likely to see him to-day?” “You’ll never see Mr. Jones again,” said the minister. “He has gone to heaven.”

When come in

Why did the rock singer stand on the porch outside the house? He didn’t have the key and didn’t know when to come in.


The woman, who had a turn-up nose and was somewhat self-conscious concerning it, bought a new pug dog, and petted it so fondly as to excite the jealousy of her little daughter. “How do you like your new little brother?” she asked the child teasingly. The girl replied, rather maliciously, perhaps: “He looks just like… Read More »